Pictures of the surroundings of Rezidence Vogelsang, flora and fauna of Bohemian Forest National Park.
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The wellness centre provides pleasant relaxation and refreshment.
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The Rezidence Vogelsang can be found in the marvellous forest of the Šumava National Park and provides a view of the castle Kašperk and the village Červená. It is located about 6 km to the south of the town Kašperské Hory. Thanks to its location in the midst of nature, yet close to many historic monuments as well as to a range of sporting and cultural activities, the Rezidence Vogelsang offers ideal conditions for a holiday for all seasons of the year. Therefore and thanks to the service we offer, you can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere during your spare time, no matter what the weather conditions are, e.g. in our wellness area or the gym, in the lounge at a game of billiard or while having a barbecue on the roofed over patio with a view on the panorama of the Bohemian Forest with the castle Kašperk on the horizon.


15. October 2012We have chosen a sunny afternoon in autumn to take photos at Rezidence Vogelsang to use for an interactive panorama. Visitors to our website can now go on a Virtual tour of Rezidence Vogelsang. The panoramic cameras (all of these can be found on the virtual tour page) allow a detailed inspection of the yards, one guest room and the wellness centre.

31. August 2012Unfortunately, earthworks in the yard were only completed in late summer. This meant that Rezidence Vogelsang could not be photographed completely at that time. Check out the picture gallery showing Vogelsang's surroundings, the rooms, the wellness centre or a bird’s eye view of the Rezidence Vogelsang.





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